Feelings, Needs, Challenges and Adjustments of Newly Hired Accountants as Instructors Toward Successful Transition


  • Amadeo P. Cristobal, Jr. Ed. D. Saint Paul School of Professional Studies




Experiences Encountered, Common Feelings and Need, Challenges and Adjustments, Successful Transition


Using a qualitative-phenomenological research design this study is focused on the experiences encountered by the newly hired accounting instructors in terms of the common feelings, needs, challenges, and the adjustments applied leading to a successful transition purposely to lower the turn-over rate of accounting faculty. It was found out that the newly hired accounting instructors have mixed emotions, the feeling of happiness, and confusion.  They encountered various needs and challenges during the transition period.  The common needs are Conduct of Training; English Proficiency; Personal Management; Adequate Teaching Resources; Convenient Academic Rooms; Personality Development; Professional Growth; and Additional Benefits. The common challenges encountered are Instructional Competence; Personal Competence; Student’s Concern; and Management Effectiveness. The newly hired accounting instructors have applied effective transition adjustments: Quality Preparations; Mastery of the Lesson; Practical Practices; Effective Teaching Methods; Building Rapport; and Personal Adjustments.  The participants have a successful transition based on the changes in their feelings such that the feeling of happiness was increased, and that the feeling of confusion was abated. For the management of colleges and universities to avoid high-turnover rates of accounting instructors it is recommended that a very effective Induction Program and Strategic Management Plan must be formulated to meet the needs of the newly hired instructors and proactively prepare them for the challenges they may encounter.


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