School-Based Management in the Operations and Performance of Public Elementary Schools


  • Maeda Langguyuan- Kadtong, Ed.D. Mindanao State University-Maguindanao
  • Marissa Navarro-Parcon, Ed.D. Mindanao State University-Maguindanao
  • Linang Basar- Monir, Ed.D. Mindanao State University-Maguindanao



School-based management, school operations and performance


The study aimed to assess the implementation of School-Based Management in terms of school operations and performance in the Division of Cotabato City. Specifically, it was an assessment of SBM implementation in term of five dimensions and school operations in terms of five areas. Descriptive correlation design was used in order to see relationships of the variables included in the study. Survey questionnaires were distributed to the respondents in six public elementary schools in the Division of Cotabato City. Findings show that all the schools are SBM-PASBE accredited with level 1 of practice. In general, SBM is implemented according to the guidelines set by DepEd. As to the SBM implementation in its five dimensions, data shows that the five dimensions of SBM were observed and practiced often by the schools under this study. Considering the frequency of practice in the five areas of school operations, data revealed that teachers and parent-respondents rated this as seldom based on the grand mean score. The description implies low performance in school operations.


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